Jesus is superior and completely sufficient for eternal salvation. If you are struggling with the details of religion, know that there is a Savior who offers to you the depth of a relationship. The Old Covenant mattered, but the New Covenant changes everything! Jesus is greater!


Week 7 - Pure Awesomeness

When you really begin to know the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be enthralled with his heart and mission. You will crave the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You will be encouraged to persevere in a culture that can be abusive and rejecting of your lifestyle. Your confidence will grow, and your anxiety will shrink as you embrace the greatest mission in the history of the world. In a world of question marks, Jesus is the only sure thing we can count on with an everlasting hope and purpose. He is the Great God! 

Week 6 - Grow Up!

This week’s message was all about selfish and immature living. The readers of Hebrews were in danger of “defaulting from the faith” and turning back to Judaism. Their reasoning would have been for what was comfortable. Often, what is comfortable is what we need to avoid. It’s often selfish.  Are we guilty of this now? It's time to grow up!


Grand Blanc Campus

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Rockstar Status

We worship God NOT man! Ultimately, men come and go, but God is the source of everything that is good and true. Ultimately, our issue is that we put our belief in the wrong things and sometimes people. Just as Moses challenged the Israelites, we must trust the Lord, and him alone! Life is hard. Let’s make sure that our hope is not misplaced. Hope in God.

Wow Factor

Often, we can be “wowed” by a speaker, podcaster, or leader. While they may all have their place in advancing God’s Kingdom, they are not to be our source for strength or person to worship. The fact is that if angels with all of their power and strength can be placed under Christ, all mankind should be placed under Christ. As your awe of Jesus Christ grows in understanding, it will do nothing but advance your gratitude and passion to serve the One who gave it all in spite of his authority and perfection.

EASTER SUNDAY- "That Moment"

This is the moment where how you feel about yourself is shallowed up in what God did for you! He is greater than your circumstances in life and your perceptions about him. This is the greatest moment in world history…and it’s yours to have if you will!?

Raising Warriors (Family 101)

Some of the greatest times of learning take place in our failures. It’s time that we raise the bar in our child rearing! Let’s raise “warriors” who passionately follow Jesus and influence others!

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