The Fam Chat (Part 2)

The Bible shares with us some foundations that every family must have. These foundations are like the legs of a chair. If you remove even one of them, the chair will collapse. It will cause someone to fall and experience pain. Are you willing to prioritize these foundations to strengthen your family?



Welcome Home (The Lost Son)

Easter 2024 sermon video includes drama and baptisms. 
No one is too far lost to find their way home to God.

The All-Time Journey To Faith

A true journey of faith always begins with a humble realization of human failure that quickly moves into an acceptance of human frailty…that’s when a person is ready to receive the unmerited forgiveness of the Savior Jesus! Let your failures be your springboard to faith! Except, receive the gift in humility and gratitude! Don’t think for a minute that you have to earn something that is unearnable! It’s the glorious grace of Jesus Christ that motivates a person!

Use Spiritual (Uncommon) Sense

Sometimes overcoming an obstacle in our lives is not from the outside but from the inside. Sometimes we are the obstacle that must be overcome. Our attitudes, thoughts, perceptions, and perspectives have sadly shifted! The Apostle Paul was stunned at how quickly the Galatians were moving away from grace to “good works.” He used the evidence of Christ’s death, their own experiences, and the power of the Holy Spirit to show them that they were not the source of salvation, Christ is.

Act Your Freedom

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is NOT about what you “need to do”; it’s about what God “already did!” The Gentiles were just as “worthy” of grace as the Jews. In reality, no one is worthy of God’s grace. It’s time that we start to“act our freedom” by looking to Christ and looking away from man’s opinions!

Exclusive in an Inclusive World

While it is true that the Gospel is for all people making it inclusive in nature, it is just as true that the Gospel is only experienced by grace through faith without human achievement making it exclusive in experience. It is so important that we accept the Gospel and the truth of God’s Word that supports it against all other thoughts and idea. No matter how appealing it might be to “add” to God’s truth, it is a danger that must be avoided!


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My Part (Service)

The majority of Christians will never share their faith in Jesus because of fear. Sadly, it’s not just fear, but it’s also apathy and selfishness that tends to choke out our influence. It’s too easy in the comforts of the American church to attend for entertainment or self-gratification. God has created you for more!

Week 1 - Hold the Line

We are called to “hold the line” no matter the cost! What this means is that we must understand that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a threat to the messengers of Satan. What this means is that God is working behind the scenes in the lives of people who are open to the Gospel.

Rockstar Status

We worship God NOT man! Ultimately, men come and go, but God is the source of everything that is good and true. Ultimately, our issue is that we put our belief in the wrong things and sometimes people. Just as Moses challenged the Israelites, we must trust the Lord, and him alone! Life is hard. Let’s make sure that our hope is not misplaced. Hope in God.

Raising Warriors (Family 101)

Some of the greatest times of learning take place in our failures. It’s time that we raise the bar in our child rearing! Let’s raise “warriors” who passionately follow Jesus and influence others!

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